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1 Palette, 4 Lashes

High-end Luxury Mink Lash Extensions. 

High-End, Luxury

Mink Lash Extensions.


Every lash is handmade. 
We take pride in every lash.

No added chemicals or dyes.


Ms. Minks

Keycie Parker was raised in Delray Beach Florida. She came from a family of dedicated, successful entrepreneurs. So that’s always been her motivation, rather it was school or working a full-time job. She learned at a very early age hard work and dedication. 

Her mission was to create a high-end quality Lash that captures the eye, and luxury enhancement made for every eye shape. Our lashes can be worn up to 20 times with proper care when applying and taking off. The goal was to create a top-quality lash which took one year and a half to create which Millionaire Minks exceeded, every lash is now a high-end lash extension. 


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Milli Looks

Maintaining the Millions all-year-round.


In The


My lashes look very natural with a pop of wow and I am so pleased. They feel like they are my very own and I get so many compliments. I am way too happy about my Lashes. Thanks Kaycie for creating such an innovative aspect to beauty. You are a Beauty Icon!

Toya Lee

My husband said it looked like I had an eyelift. It brightens up the face. It's amazing how your whole perspective of how you look can make such a dramatic change with the lashes. I'm even wearing less make– up. It’s a confidence builder.

Marissa Towns

LOVE MY NEW EYELASHES! They make me feel pretty and you don’t even know they’re there until someone compliments you on what beautiful eyes you have. I’m so glad I decided to try eyelash extensions because it is for certain I will never want to be without them ever. Thank you so much!

Whitney Booker

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